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When starting a company, it’s usually best to use your experiences, passions, and insights to come up with your own ideas. That said, not everyone is an ✨idea guy

Below is a small collection of startup ideas and frameworks for generating ideas from Tech Twitter over the last few months.

💡 Ideas

And my personal favorite 😜

🏗 Frameworks

There are only two ways to start a business - bundling or unbundling. Dave’s tweet below goes without saying that there are STILL billion dollar businesses to be built around unbundling Facebook.

Greg always shares great frameworks for social. Here are some from this past month.

Twitter avatar for @gregisenbergGreg Isenberg @gregisenberg
Nostalgia is a hell of a drug - Bring back Path - Bring back
Turntable.FM - Bring back Rdio - Bring back Sunrise It's worth listening to these people to understand what they really are asking for

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