🎉 Introducing the Tech Twitter 2020 Yearbook

A 50 page high school yearbook, just for Tech Twitter

Tech Twitter feels a lot like high school sometimes. Both are places for learning, making friends, and juicy drama.

But unlike high school, Tech Twitter doesn’t have a yearbook to preserve all these wonderful (and cringeworthy) memories…. until now.

Introducing…. The Tech Twitter 2020 Yearbook

Download this free 50 page ebook (or buy the physical book) that includes:

  • 8 superlatives celebrating our most talented Tech Twitter classmates like @balajis, @turnernovak and more.

  • 100 class photos of (my favorite) people from Tech Twitter - if you made this list, that means you’re special.

  • 24 pages covering the best tweets from every month of 2020.

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This yearbook was done in partnership with the team at Vidbase. Vibase lets you easily create, edit and share video from everywhere. It’s basically Figma for video.

If you love this yearbook, you’ll love Vidbase. The multitalented CEO Van Nguyen and his design team were the brains behind the aesthetic of the yearbook.

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🙏 Thanks

This would not have been possible without the readers of Social Studies for energizing me to report on the happenings of Tech Twitter for so long.