👉 Last Week - Tech's response to George Floyd's murder, Twitter censors Trump

What happened on Tech Twitter the week of May 24th

It goes without saying that this past week was very different from any other due to the senseless murder of George Floyd by a Minneapolis police officer.

I wanted to take this moment to express my gratitude and support for the African American community. America would be nothing without you and nor would this newsletter. In fact, Tech Twitter TLDR was initially inspired by a popular African American comedy and culture subreddit called Black People Twitter.

As this newsletter grows, I pledge to use it to elevate black and other underrepresented voices in the tech industry as much as possible. Black lives matter.

- Brett

✊🏾 Tech responds to George Floyd’s murder

By Sunday night protests had erupted in 140 cities with National Guard deployed in 21 states.

One by one, major tech companies, VCs and individuals announced their solidarity with the movement and Facebook was peculiarly nowhere to be found.

Most importantly, black members of the tech industry spoke up:

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🤬 Twitter censors Trump

In a first ever move, Twitter labeled one of Trump’s tweets as misinformation and hid another one because it glorified violence.

Trump retaliated by threatening regulation

Facebook came out against Twitter’s move and employees were not happy. But the point that large tech platforms shouldn’t fact check content wasn’t far from what others in the industry were saying.

There’s much more to this story that I’ll be sharing in a deep dive later.

👌 Pre-protest tweets

The tech news and discussions I typically cover here is pretty insignificant in the context of this important, historic moment. That said, I still wanted to share a few tweets from before the George Floyd video was widely circulated when people were still happily tweeting about tech.

🙏 Thanks

Stay safe everyone and remember to treat each other with kindness and sensitivity this week.