👉 Last Week - Your retention sucks, Snap's big announcement, Uber + DoorDash merger?, Zoom censorship

What happened on Tech Twitter the week of June 7th - 13th

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📈 Growth experts debated “good retention” - it’s higher than you think because startups are hard.
👻 We’re long Snap again - their announcements last week may position them to dominate the AR platform wars and become the WeChat of the US.
💰xUber exec says DoorDash + Uber should merge - after a failed merger with Grubhub, Emil Michael suggested merging with DD would help the industry.
⚔️Zoom appeases Beijing by censoring activists - Zoom took down an activist’s account and everyone is really worried about what this could mean for China-US relations.

📈 Growth experts debated “good retention”

Lenny shared a new post of his where he asked a group of product and growth experts what they thought good vs great retention looks like for different product categories.

The numbers seemed really high.

They are because, well… venture scale startups are hard.

That said, Lenny points out that it’s ok to have lower retention if you’re just starting out, you have low CAC/marginal costs, or you’re not building a venture scale business. Twitter is a good example of a successful company with poor retention - they make up for it because they have extremely low CAC/marginal costs.

👻 We’re long Snap again

Check out deep dives by Turner Novak and Packy McCormick for more details!

Snap hosted its annual partner summit last week, and what they announced got us all pretty giddy.

The most exciting were Snap’s AR updates. It seems increasingly clear that at least until we see what the rumored Apple and Facebook glasses launches look like in the next year or two, Snap is a frontrunner in the AR platform wars.

A lot of people were also raving about the Snap Minis launch, which essentially expands the HTML5 Snap Games platform to include third party apps like Headspace.

Though Facebook has tried and failed to make in-message apps a thing, Snap may have some success here given the fact that messaging is where users are spending most of their time in Snap. If it ends up working out, Snap minis could enable Snap to become an “everything” app like WeChat is in China.

💰 xUber exec says DoorDash + Uber should merge

Former Uber exec, Emil Michael commented on the Uber + Grubhub merger that didn’t end up happening. Emil points out that while Grubhub isn’t an ideal asset, the food delivery industry does need consolidation.

Interestingly Emil suggests that an Uber + DoorDash merger could be a solution but would only work if DoorDash CEO Tony Xu became the CEO of the joint company.

Click into the thread and read the whole thing.

⚔️ Zoom appeases Beijing by censoring activists

In a first-ever event, Zoom suspended the account of an individual hosting a Tiananmen Square commemoration event.

Zoom was silent for several days until it came out saying it would “try to do better.” Despite the statement, there’s much to worry about.

With Tik Tok also getting into similar trouble, it’s looking like the much of America’s new communications infrastructure has ties to Bejiing.

This presents an interesting challenge for the tech industry as well as American Homeland Security. Taiwan banned Zoom for security concerns - at what point does the US, a country valuing free markets, do the same?

Given the speed of innovation happening in China, I believe there will be many more Chinese (or Chinese influenced) tech companies competing with homegrown companies in the US to come.

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