🏆 Pick the winners of Tech Twitter for 2020

Who will win Hottest Takes, Dankest Memes, and Most Likely to Get Blocked by Keith Rabois?

Yo! ✌️ I’m BrettSocial Studies is about trying to understand what it means to be human in the context of modern technology. It includes recaps of what happened on Tech Twitter plus deep analysis using frameworks from Psychology, Economics, and the Social Sciences.

One of my biggest realizations reporting on Tech Twitter and writing about human psychology over the last year is that adults and kids are the same.

Tech Twitter is just a big fat high school drama played out by adults.

I’ve been working on something really exciting with in mind that I’m not quite ready to share.

What I am ready to share is this:

At the end of the school year, high schools around the world honor their classmates with class superlatives. We’re bringing the same vibes to Twitter.

Over the next week, we’ll be picking the winners of Tech Twitter across a number of categories.

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And the nominees are…

🔥 Hottest takes

Not always contrarian, but always 10000% on the money. 👉 Vote here.

🤗 Best intentions

Undoubtedly the nicest person on Tech Twitter. 👉 Vote here.

🤡 Dankest memes

Class clown but for 2020. 👉 Vote here.

⭐️ Rising star

Started 2020 under 5K (maybe they're still there) and still underrated. 👉 Vote here.

🤯 Galaxy brain

Every damn tweet is a mind f**k. 👉 Vote here.

📚 Wise AF

You kinda just want to print out all of their tweets and reflect on them. 👉 Vote here.

✨ Favorite Muggle

They’re not technically in tech but we love them anyway. 👉 Vote here.

There are also a few bonus categories that are intentionally as write-ins so I don’t get cancelled:

  • 🤑 Most likely to give terrible investment advice

  • 🤬 Most likely to get cancelled

  • 🥴 Most likely to spend too much time on Twitter

  • 🥵 Most likely to get blocked by Keith Rabois

  • 🤓 Biggest thinkboi/grl

And of course the most important award:

🏆 The 2020 Tech Twitter Champion

🤔 What’s next?

Winners will be revealed soon as part of another, much larger and sillier drop.

Be sure to vote, share this with your Tech Twitter friends and stay tuned over the coming weeks!


🙏 Thanks

I want to thank the academy and coach Chad from the varsity crew team for believing in me… jk. Thanks to everyone who helped select the nominees and everyone on Twitter for putting in your all this year.