👉 The ultimate TLDR on "How To Use Twitter" is live on Product Hunt!

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Hi everyone!

We launched something today on Product Hunt that I think you’ll enjoy:

The Daily Micro is a daily SMS newsletter featuring 50+ screenshot-summaries of the greatest essays in tech

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You can learn more by reading this thread:

But that’s not all…

Having studied Twitter formally for over a year via Social Studies, and informally well before that, I’ve learned a lot about how to best use the platform.

Following the same bite-sized format as The Daily Micro, we created…

✨ A 50-page Micro eBook on “How To Use Twitter”

It covers the fundamentals of getting the most out of one of the most powerful tools on the internet.

  • Optimizing your profile and following list

  • Deciding out what to tweet, when to do it, and how to do it well

  • Growing your following

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