🗓 What Happened on Tech Twitter in February

🤑 Everyone got rich on NFTs except you, 🐦 Twitter got its groove back, 📸 The Dispo beta FOMO went viral

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I have to apologize for dropping the ball in January. The combination of Launch House picking up steam and some very sad family news threw me for a loop. Sorry yall. 😞

✨ The TLDR

🤑 Everyone got rich on NFTs except you - true artists and random people alike sold millions of dollars in NFTs. We may be in a bubble but NFTs will lead to much more.

🐦 Twitter got its groove back - The Twitter product team is on fire with the introduction of Fleets, Spaces, Revue (newsletters) and now Super Follows.

📸 The Dispo beta FOMO went viral - David Dobrik’s new exclusive photo sharing app got Tech Twitter hot and bothered. So much that they landed a $200M valuation.


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🤑 Everyone got rich on NFTs except you

As long as the internet has existed, digital artists have had trouble monetizing their work. But this past month, that all changed. Prominent digital artists, musicians and celebrities sold non-fungible tokens (NFTs) of their works for millions of dollars.

The revolution is just beginning. Virtually every creator seems to be exploring NFTs as a core part of their strategy.

NFTs are also creating a new generation of NFT-native artists. Since February, Shlomo has sold >$30K of NFTs across only a handful of pieces. An art collective named after the 🥬 emoji has also been gaining traction.

A lot of people sounded the 2017 ICO alarm, but this is different. This feels like the building blocks to a new social media operating system.

📸 The Dispo beta FOMO went viral

An app incubated by YouTube star, David Dobrik, executed the “only give beta access to a few people on Twitter to drive FOMO for everyone else” strategy flawlessly.

Amidst the renaissance in consumer social powered by the creator economy, a consumer social app from a huge creator like Dispo was bound to blow up. And it is.

Shortly after the beta launch, Dispo closed a massive fundraise. At $200M it was a wild valuation, but honestly not crazy. If Dispo succeeds, the valuation is cheap. If it fails, it’s negligible to the investors.

🐦 Twitter got its groove back

Packy McCormick wrote an essay in Not Boring at the beginning of the month talking about how well Twitter has been doing lately considering the introduction of Fleets, Spaces, and Revue (via acquisition), but that was before Twitter announced the Super Follow.

Super follow allows creators to charge monthly subscriptions to get access to exclusive tweets. It’s really exciting and will surely dramatically change the dynamics on the platform.

💉 Dopamine hits

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