🗓 What Happened on Tech Twitter in November

🇺🇸 We celebrated Joe & Kamala, 🤔 Coinbase preempted the New York Times, 🐦 Twitter released Fleets!, 🦃 We were thankful AF

Yo! ✌️ I’m Brett! Social Studies is about trying to understand what it means to be human in the context of modern technology. It includes recaps of what happened on Tech Twitter plus deep analysis using frameworks from Psychology, Economics, and the Social Sciences.

⏱ The TLDR

Yoooo! The irony of a November roundup email half-way through December is not lost on me - sorry fam. Big changes coming in the next few weeks I’m super excited about.

Here are the top stories from November:

🇺🇸 We celebrated Joe & Kamala - Despite mostly leaning libertarian, Tech Twitter was relieved that Joe Biden won the US presidential election.

🤔 Coinbase preempted the New York Times - Coinbase released a piece ahead of a NYT article blasting the company for how it treats black employees.

🐦 Twitter released Fleets! - Twitter’s Snapchat stories clone arrived… and people didn’t hate it?

🦃 We were thankful AF - I launched $THANKSgiving, a product that gives you crypto when you say what you’re thankful for and it hit #3 on Product Hunt.

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🇺🇸 Tech Twitter celebrated Joe & Kamala

Joe Biden won the US presidential election. Despite Tech Twitter having its fair share of secret Trump supporters (at least in terms of fiscal and space policy), most people were overjoyed with the results.

Design Twitter celebrated exactly how you’d expect them to.

🤔 Coinbase preempted the New York Times

Yet another battle in the endless war between tech and media went down. Mason breaks down exactly what happened:

The piece was real, and real bad, putting Coinbase in a tough position trying to be an a-political “mission-driven” organization.

🐦 Twitter released Fleets!

Twitter released it’s Instagram Stories clone, Fleets. There were obviously a lot of cynical remarks about Twitter’s slow, uncreative execution and some boomer tweets about how it’s confusing.

But overall, people seemed to enjoy fleets and appreciate where it seems to be taking Twitter.

🦃 We were thankful AF

I was feeling a little cheeky this Thanksgiving so I launched $THANKSgiving, a product that gives you cryptocurrency for saying what you’re thankful for.

And hey, we got to number 3 on Product Hunt! Turns out there are a lot of thankful people out there in the world.

📚 Great reads from November

Here are some great reads!


Thanks yall! Have a great holiday. Here’s some $THANKS for reading 🙏