🗓 What Happened on Tech Twitter in December

🤑 Everyone got rich AF except you, 🏖 Miami became the new Silicon Valley, 🍔 MrBeast launched a burger chain

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✨ The TLDR

Hey everyone! Here’s what happened the last month of 2020.

🤑 Everyone got rich AF, especially Keith and Chamath - Bitcoin almost hit $30K, there were tons of IPOs and Keith and Chamath seemed to own equity in all of them.

🏖 Miami became the new Silicon Valley - Dozens of prominent tech leaders announced moving to Miami as the city mayor tweeted his heart out to appease.

🍔 MrBeast launched a burger chain - A YouTuber launched a burger delivery app that went to #1 in the app store over night. Distribution is king.

Read through to the bottom for some dopamine hits, long reads, and as always, a funny video.

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🤑 Everyone got rich AF, especially Keith and Chamath

Bitcoin went on another dizzying bull run, hitting an all time high and barely missing the $30K mark.

Keith Rabois had a quarter for the books with a number of his early-stage investments (Palantir, Airbnb, etc.) going public along with OpenDoor, a company he cofounded.

Chamath, King of the SPACs, killed it as well.

🏖 Miami became the new Silicon Valley

People have wanted to GTFO of San Francisco for a while. The combination of SF just being a terrible city during COVID and the looming tax hit many IPO-minted new rich are facing seems to be pushing people to make real changes this time around.

After Delian suggested everyone move to Miami, the mayor himself responded.

Since this tweet, the mayor had countless conversations with tech leaders in person and on Twitter about making Miami the next Silicon Valley.

What’s crazy, is that it actually seems to be working. Keith Rabois, who has been the most vocal Miami bull on Twitter announced he bought a $29M home, is building a bigger Founders Fund office, and is launching a new company all in Miami.

People sick and tired of the SF city government practically fell all over themselves commending the Miami mayor for his efforts. There were also plenty of interesting takes on what this means for the future of politics and cities.

🍔 MrBeast launched a burger chain

In a surprising turn of events for any year that isn’t 2020, YouTuber MrBeast launched a … hamburger restaurant.

There’s obviously a lot more beneath the surface, as various people on Tech Twitter pointed out. Thanks to cloud kitchens and most importantly, MrBeast’s massive following, MrBeast Burger was able to truly be an overnight success.

Burgers weren’t MrBeast’s only tech trick this month. On December 29th he launched “Finger On The App 2,” a nod to a product originally launched by Founders Fund backed MSCHF.

MrBeast is definitely the entrepreneur to watch in 2021.

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Thanks for an incredible year. I’ve got one last 2020 surprise for you this week, but could not be more excited for what’s in store for 2021.